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How to cheat at applique!
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How do I create the applique with my sewing machine?


You may have a favourite way of creating appliqué so please use your own method if you prefer.


To prepare the appliqué using *Jenny Haskins Cutaway Magic, *Floriani fusible mesh cutaway or *Quilters Select cutaway with a regular sewing machine, follow the instructions below. 

To prepare the appliqué with a sewing machine.


1.    Use the appliqué templates on the printed sheet to draw or trace each shape onto a separate piece of the fusible side of the stabiliser.


2.    Place the non fusible side of the stabiliser to the right side of the fabric and use your sewing machine to stitch the stabiliser & fabric together on the drawn line. You will need to shorten the stitch length to 1.0 mm and set the needle to centre position. Use an open toe foot if you have one.


3.    Sew around the whole piece and then trim the seam allowance to ⅛” (3mm). Make a cut into the stabiliser to allow the appliqué to be turned inside out. Press from the fabric side to fuse.If you are working on a large applique you may wish to remove some of the stabiliser from the centre of the piece after you have fused the edges.

* These are all Floriani products and they all do the same job!