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Original Designs by Eileen Blood

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Free bag patterns!


You can purchase all requirements for all my bag patterns in the form of a pack, however the fabric that I have used may or may not still be available and you will therefore need to provide your own. All patterns are available separately at £7.00 each.

More patterns and bag are on display at shows.

This is my carpet bag, the pattern is free when you purchase a 12" (30cms) bag frame for £10


 These tweed bag pattern is free

 with purchase of 

'Laura' bag handles £12.90.





I have a selection of bag chains and tuck locks (£3.00). Above - 'Mia' bag chain £6. 

Below 'Leandra' bag chain £6.00.

Pattern is free if you purchase a chain and tuck lock.



The pattern below is free if you

 purchase a set of 'Isabella' (shown), Alice (black), Beate (beige), Rose (pink/red), Nicole (grey) or Claudia (Blue) bag handles. All £12.00